How hiring a buyers' agent could save you from buying the wrong home

One mistake a home buyer can make - and it's very common - is to allow the listing agent (the realtor who is SELLING the house) to act as your agent as well. This happens when you call the listing agent to see a home that is for sale. To use a Seinfeldism, this is like "double dipping", as the listing agent's true loyalty is to the seller, not to you.

Many listing agents who represent the seller are happy to have you come to open houses or showings without bringing their own buyer's agent, as this could mean they could receive DOUBLE the commission!

For example, if the listing agent lists a home for $400,000, and the commission is set at 5%, the listing agent will receive half of 5%, or 2.5%, when the home is sold, or $10,000.

But what happens if the listing agent also represents you, the buyer? They will receive a nice check for double that; the full 5%, or $20,000. That's right, they will earn just as much commission by listing the house as they would finding the buyer.

I have a more in-depth article I've written on this HERE

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